1986 - PRESENT



Rassada Shopping Centre, Phuket

Theppana Housing Estate, Bangkok

Windmill Park Housing Estate, Bangkok

Pattaya Sport Bazar Building, Pattaya

Tiffany's Show Theatre & Entertainment Complex, Pattaya

Woodland Resort, Pattaya

Hotel & Cultural Complex, Pattaya

Ithiporn Office Building, Bangkok

10 Storeys Apartment & Office Building, Bangkok

Condochain Condominium, Rayong/Pattaya/Hua-hin/Phuket

Grand Valley Real Estate Project, Rayong

Siam Beach Resort, Pattaya

Palladium Resort, Pattaya

Banchang Cliff Resort, Rayong

Similan Hotel, Phuket

White House Resort, Pattaya

Bangniang Beach Resort, Phang-nga

Sabai Room Extendsion, Pattaya

Rung Rong Condominium, Rayong

Aloha Resort Extendsion, Samui

Baan Ta-lay Resort, Samui

Grand Valley Resort, Pattaya

Thepnakorn Hotel, Burirum

Baan Chang Cliff Resort, Rayong

Baan Chang Bay View, Rayong

First Bangalow, Samui

Luxury Apartment, Bangkok

Baan Rungsit, Bangkok/Phuket

Nang-Nual Restaurant (Interior & Eeterior), Pattaya

Quality Hotel (Conference Building), Pattaya

Quality Golden Beach Resort, Pattaya

Mahasarakham Hospital, Mahasarakham

Khon-khen Hospital, Khon-khen

Nong-kai Hospital, Nong-kai

Ayuthaya Hospital, Ayuthaya

Thonburi 3 Hospital (Medical Centre), Bangkok

MRI Building, Khon-khen University, Khon-khen

Pennatee Project (Clubhouse & Commercial Village), Pathumtanee

Narcissus Entertainment (Interior & Exterior), Bangkok

Gem's Palace (Interior), Samui

Top's Restaurant (Interior), Bangkok

Large Jet Engine Test Cell Project of Rolls-Royce for Thai Airways, Bangkok

Medical and Public Health Technology College Golden Jubilee Project, Nontaburi

Samutsakhon Hospital, Samutsakhon

Parking, Maintainance and Dietary Building, Cholburi Hospital, Cholburi

Supporting Service Building, Sawanpracharak Hospital, Nakhonsawan

Pinnacle Hotel & Resort, Cholburi

Local Architects for Mouchel International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Designing Onground Station for MRTA. Underground Mass Transit Project, Bangkok

Banburee Resort & Spa, Phuket

Baan Layan Resort & Spa, Samui

Pranburi Condominium (Interior), Pranburi

Hotel Development at Rangsit Klong 6, Bangkok

Villa Development Borphud, Samui

Lamai Hill, Villa Realty, Samui

De lamai Hotel, Samui

Windmill Park's Residence, Bangkok

Collossium Entertainment Complex, Pattaya

Le Bali Hotel, Pattaya

Maybe Flower & Cafe, Bangkok

Above the Nail Salon, Bangkok

Noa Noa Restaurant, Bangkok

Jipat's Residence, Bangkok

Camp David Resort & Hotel, Cholburi

Charoon Thai SIlk Booth at Maison & Objet, Paris, France

TRC Constructions Executive Office, Bangkok
















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